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4 - Networks
4.2 - Special Certified Rugged Devices
4.2.4 - Marine Certification (IEC60945) with IEEE1588V2 PTP compliant


Kurzbeschreibung: Industrial Managed 20 port 16*1000TX 4*1000FX SS Switch
Detaillierte Beschreibung:
  • Industrial Managed 16*1000TX and 4*1000FX Switch
  • single-mode fiber ports for distances up to 10km
  • RS232 console port
  • fast redundant Ethernet ring (recovery time less than 30ms over 250 units)
  • 9k6 jumbo frame support
  • alarm LED e-mail warning system log output
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • 96*106*154mm
  • dual DC power input 12..48VDC ~16W with overload and reverse polarity protection
  • extended -40ø..75øC operating temperature
  • Oring
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Manual: Manual, 2.145 KB User Manual_IGS-9164GF_FX_V1.0.pdf (Manual, 2.145 KB)
Manual, 503 KB QIG_IGS-9164GF_FX_V1.1.pdf (Manual, 503 KB)
Hersteller: Oring
Herkunftsland: Taiwan R.O.C.

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IGS-9164GF-SS-SCIndustrial Managed 20 port 16*1000TX 4*1000FX SS Switchnew