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P118U Rayon Price 145,00 EUR (+VAT / EXW)

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3 - PC Add On Cards
3.5 - Serial Communication Cards
3.5.4 - Serial Industrial 8 Ports RS232, RS422 And RS485 And Mixed - Mixed RS232 With RS485 / RS422 8 Ports


Kurzbeschreibung: UPCI 8 port 8*RS232/422/485 each selectable 5V only Card
Detaillierte Beschreibung:
  • eight RS232/RS422/485 mixed selectable===> suitable for full duplex application. They may need RS232 for local connection and RS422 for remote connection. But they can not confirm when to use local connection and when to use remote connection. (Over 15meter you can not confirm how far to connect)
  • 1*sharable IRQ mapping and 64Byte and 8Byte I/O assigned by PCI BIOS
  • 5V 33MHz PCI slot
  • includes connector cable DB62m to 8*DB9m (8*DB25m P5388U-25 on request)
  • max 2 cards/system
  • single 5V power only
  • supports DOS/Win95/98/ME/NT/Win2k/XP/Linux/SCO

  • 15,24*10,67mm
  • Rayon
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Datenblatt: Datenblatt, 243 KB
Bedienungsanleitung: Bedienungsanleitung, 903 KB How_to_install_PCIPORT_card_driver_in_win_7_system.pdf (Bedienungsanleitung, 903 KB)
Bedienungsanleitung, 1.546 KB PCI-Port-015.pdf (Bedienungsanleitung, 1.546 KB)
Bedienungsanleitung, 21 KB QNX use of Rayon Cards.pdf (Bedienungsanleitung, 21 KB)
Bedienungsanleitung, 58 KB How_to_use_multiport_RS485_device_in_monitor_and_backup_application.pdf (Bedienungsanleitung, 58 KB)
TB485  -  DB9 Female to RS485 terminal screw block kit
RS4232-8  -  8*RS232/RS422/RS485 (mixed use) isolated converter box
R801  -  Cable DB62m to 8*DB25m 1m
R802  -  Cable DB62m to 8*DB25f 1m
R803  -  Cable DB62m to DB62M 1m
R804  -  Cable DB62m to 8*DB9m 1,20m
P588U.zip (WinXP, 6.919 KB)
OWIN412.EXE (WinXP, 572 KB)
OWIN408.EXE (WinXP, 534 KB)
P588U.zip (Win2000, 6.919 KB)
OWIN412.EXE (Win2000, 572 KB)
OWIN408.EXE (Win2000, 534 KB)
WINDEMO.EXE (Win2000, 173 KB)
P588U.zip (WinNT, 6.919 KB)
OWIN412.EXE (WinNT, 572 KB)
OWIN408.EXE (WinNT, 534 KB)
P588U.zip (Win95/98, 6.919 KB)
OWIN412.EXE (Win95/98, 572 KB)
OWIN408.EXE (Win95/98, 534 KB)
WINDEMO.EXE (Win95/98, 173 KB)
P588U.zip (Win3.1, 6.919 KB)
OWIN412.EXE (Win3.1, 572 KB)
OWIN408.EXE (Win3.1, 534 KB)
WINDEMO.EXE (Win3.1, 173 KB)
alnx510.Z (Linux/SCO, 644 KB)
alnx410.Z (Linux/SCO, 621 KB)
osco208.Z (Linux/SCO, 92 KB)
alnx700.txt (Linux/SCO, 0 KB)
alnx700.Z (Linux/SCO, 669 KB)
alnx701.Z (Linux/SCO, 703 KB)
alnx702.Z (Linux/SCO, 712 KB)
alnx705.Z (Linux/SCO, 713 KB)
Linux 2.6:
alnx815.Z (Linux 2.6, 657 KB)
debian.pdf (Linux 2.6, 38 KB)
alnx711.Z (Linux 2.6, 708 KB)
alnx617.Z (Linux 2.6, 678 KB)
Breite [mm]: 15 mm
Höhe [mm]: 11 mm
Hersteller: Rayon
Herkunftsland: Taiwan R.O.C.
Warentarifnummer: 8473 3020 000
wiki.acceed: 8 port P588U
info wikipedia: RS232

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P118UUPCI 8 port 8*RS232/422/485 each selectable 5V only Card€ 145,00 checkbox