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Kurzbeschreibung: IEEE-488.2 and 488.1 (GP-IB) PXI Card
Detaillierte Beschreibung:
  • IEEE-488 (GP-IB) PXI interface card (IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2)
  • 3,3V and 5V PCI
  • >1,5MByte/s in programmed IO with 1kB FIFO on board
  • driver for 98/NT/2000/XPVista
  • supports popular application development environments such as VB / VC / Delphi / LabVIEW / TestExec
  • commands like ibdev / ibrd / ibwrt are compatible with the PCI-3488 without recompilation
  • VISA library users PCI-3488 supports Agilent I/O Library and NI VISA as well as most existing instrument drivers
  • Adlink
Preis: call
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Katalogseiten: Katalogseiten, 86 KB Katalogseiten, 115 KB
PDF Katalogseiten: PDF Katalogseiten, 184 KB
Manual: Manual, 572 KB LPCI-3488_Manual_10.pdf (Manual, 572 KB)
AX10488-0.5  -  0.5m IEEE-488 cable
ACL-IEEE488-1  -  1m IEEE-488 cable high quality
ACL-IEEE488-2  -  2m IEEE-488 cable high quality
ACL-IEEE488-4  -  4m IEEE-488 cable high quality
ACL-IEEE488-8  -  8m IEEE-488 cable high quality
Breite [mm]: 100 mm
H”he [mm]: 160 mm
Hersteller: Adlink
Herkunftsland: Taiwan R.O.C.
Warentarifnummer: 8542 2117 000

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PXI-3488IEEE-488.2 and 488.1 (GP-IB) PXI Cardcall